Hardrace Rear Camber/Toe Adjuster (Spacer) - 17+ Suzuki Swift ZC33 1.4T

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Toe in from 0.2° to 0.1°
Add negertive camber by 1°

Toe in/Toe out

Toe is measured at the center of the wheels from one wheel rim to the other. When the distance is greater at the rear of the wheels, it is called toe-in. When the distance is greater at the front of the wheels, it is called toe-out. In other word, Toe in is the measurement between the leading edge of the front tires as compared to the trailing edge of the same tires.
For example, in a rear wheel drive car, increased front toe in can provides greater straight-line stability at the cost of some sluggishness of turning response. The wear on the tires is marginally increased as the tires are under slight side slip conditions.
HARDRACE adjustable rear toe arms allow you to set the rear toe as required, be it toe in to generate heat more quickly and increase turn in stability or toe out to make the car more nervous and quicker to change direction for drifting or tight circuit work.

The OE rear torsion beam does not allow for any alignment changes. Hardrace rear adjusting spacer can help to reduce the rear toe degree easily. By replacing the factory caliper mounting bracket and install the rear adjusting spacer, it will correct the toe-in to normal of lowered car.

- Constructed of high-strength steel alloys
- Improve stability
- Smooth and accurate feel when breaking
- Increase steering response
- Less understeer

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