Hardrace Rear Sway Bar 25.4 mm incl. End Links- Ford Focus MK2/MK3 / 03-13 Mazda 3 BK/BL / 05+ Mazda 5 CR/CW / 06-13 Volvo C30 / 06-13 Volvo C70 / 04-12 Volvo S40 / 13-19 Volvo V40 / 04-12 Volvo V50

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Hardrace sway bars are designed to keep balance of a vehicle, improve handling, maintain traction in any performance-driving situation and upgrade the suspension system. Hardrace manufacture the sway bar with the highest technology and CNC machines. Hardrace work diligently to ensure the design, material, and the production procedure to make stiffer, resilient, and durable sway bar more than stock bars. To cooperate with Hardrace stabilizer bushings and stabilizer links gives you more joy of control.

Hardrace sway bar

Front Wheel Drive: Increase the rear sway bar size to neutralise untersteer.
Rear Wheel Drive: Increase the front sway bar size to neutralise oversteer.
All Wheel Drive: Increase rear the front bar size to fine tune handling behaviour.
4 Wheel Drive: Increase front then rear bar size to neutralise understeer.

Why Hardrace sway bar

- Manufactured from Hi-Tensile CR-MO Seamless Steel Alloy
- Manufacture the sway bar with centering rings which prevent sway bar movement during cornering
- Precision CNC Cold- Formed, Tempered and Shot-Peened to increase durability
- Hardrace lightweight hollow tube decrease the feedback response time
- With blue powder coat to prevent rust and corrosion
- Keep the tire maximum contact with the road; the weight and pressure are distributed evenly to four wheels giving longer tire life


- Correcting understeer or oversteer situation and perfectly balanced with neutral steer handling
- Reducing body roll and increasing stability while driving in curves, during corners and fast changes of direction
- Thicker sway bar increase the torsional resistance
- Adjustable sway bar gives you the ability to fine-tune the handliing to suit your driving style and achieve the impressive results sought

Sway Bar affects the handling and the car’s over steer and under steer. It ties the lower suspension links together across the front or back, will keep your car flat in turns instead of leaning over to one side. Hardrace sway bars provide better control especially at high speeds cornering.

- Designed for OE direct replacement
- Hollow internal structure
- Correction of under or oversteer
- Improve more grip and better handling
- Increased stability while during high speed cornering

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