Kaizenspeed Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit incl. Oil pump

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Available for:

Set 1: H22A, H22A1, H23
Set 2: H22A4, H22A7
Set 3: H23 VTEC
Set 4: F20B
Set 5: F22
Set 6: F23

Now you can get a brand new OEM Honda Oil pump with the KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator kit already installed in it! We take the headache out of pressing the plugs into the oil pump because we do it for you. We ensure a perfect installation, saving you time and money. KAIZENSPEED uses only OEM Honda oil pumps in everything from street cars to our 1200 horsepower Outlaw EK. Our Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit is included and only the girdle plugs need to be installed. We’ve done the oil pump for you!

Buy now, it ships immediately. The KAIZENSPEED Balance Shaft Eliminator kit includes all the necessary parts to cleanly eliminate your balance shafts for all H-series and F-series engines.

Our full kit includes:

- Billet aluminum block-off plate with KStuned logo
- Billet aluminum crankshaft spacer
- All necessary plugs to maintain and increase oil pressure by blocking balance shaft bearings (without removing them)
- Billet aluminum plugs for the oil pump
- Step-by-step illustrated instructions

*Uses OEM Honda oil pump

*When ordering for a F22 be sure to specify in your order note which F22 engine you have. ex: F22A, F22A1, F22B, F22B1...ect.

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