Mishimoto Performance Aluminum-Lüfterhaube Kit - '90-'93 Honda Integra

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The Mishimoto Acura Integra aluminum fan shroud kit will considerably improve engine cooling functions and the overall performance of your vehicle. All Mishimoto fan shrouds are significantly lighter than standard fan shrouds. The longevity of your engine depends on keeping your engine running cool, especially during those unbearably hot days. A Mishimoto fan shroud will notably improve engine cooling performance by delivering more air to the Integra aluminum radiator and driving out excess heat. The fan shroud serves another very important purpose: It secures the fan blades, preventing potential damage to other essential engine components.

All Mishimoto aluminum fan shrouds include an adhesive protective strip. This adhesive-backed foam strip seals any remaining gap between the fan shroud and radiator so that the fans are only moving air that has passed through the radiator core as opposed to pulling in air from the engine bay, resulting in improved cooling efficiency.

- Direct plug-n-play for 1990-1993 Acura Integra
Includes factory plug for easy installation
Fits both stock and Mishimoto radiators
Maximizes airflow
Includes Mishimoto slim fan
Includes all mounting hardware
Polished aluminum finish
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Purchase Includes
Aluminum Shroud
(1) 12" Slim Electric Fan

Fan Specifications


Overall Size
Height - 13.3"
Length - 15.9"
Width - 3.5" (Including fan)

Mounting Hardware
(8) M6X20 Screws
(2) M6X16 Screws
(8) M6 Nuts
(10) M6 Plain Cushions
(10) M6 Elastic Cushions

Also Fits
Acura Integra GSR 92-93
Engine Codes

Chassis Codes
DA5 - Integra Txi/Rxi/Zxi/ZX 3dr*
DA6 - Integra XSi/RSi 3dr*
DA7 - Integra RX/ZX/RXi/ZXi/ZX Extra 4dr*
DA8 - Integra XSi 4dr*
DA9 - Integra 3dr
DB1 - Integra 4dr
DB2 - '92-'93 Integra 3dr

Compatible with OEM and Mishimoto Radiators.

This is a "race" fan shroud and does not retain AC fan.

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