Mishimoto Performance Ladeluftkühler - Mitsubishi Evo X

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A high-horsepower Evo demands an intercooler that provides optimal airflow and a cool, dense charge of air. Modified vehicles running high-boost pressures often suffer from increased air intake temperatures (AITs) and heat soak, which can result in diminished performance. Keep your intake temperatures under control with the Mishimoto Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Performance Intercooler. This intercooler is a direct bolt-on unit engineered specifically for the Evo X. Thanks to an efficient 3.5? thick bar-and-plate core, this intercooler provides optimal heat dissipation and low AITs. The robust cast aluminum end tanks provide superior durability and smooth, uninterrupted airflow. The Mishimoto Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Performance Intercooler provides a dyno-proven increase of 10 whp and 10 tq, and it will support modified vehicles up to 600 whp! This intercooler core is equipped with a strategic fin design that promotes substantial heat exchange while providing minimal pressure loss across the core. Whether you are making a pass at the drag strip or sliding around a rally stage, this intercooler will provide the cooling that your engine needs to perform at its best. This intercooler is available with a powder-coated finish in either Sleek Silver or Stealth Black. As with all our products, this intercooler includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, ensuring superior product quality and craftsmanship.

- Direct fit for the 2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
10 whp and 10 tq bolt-on power increase
Efficient 3.5? thick bar-and-plate core provides optimal heat dissipation and low AITs
Full aluminum cast end tanks provide increased durability and smooth, uninterrupted airflow
Strategically designed fins for minimal pressure loss
Substantial core volume will support vehicles up to 600 whp
Available with a powder-coated finish in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Overall Size
28.3" x 13.7" x 4.5" (w/o mounting pegs)

Core Size
19.5" x 12" x 3.5"

23lbs (10.45 Kg)

Bar-and-Plate with Cast End Tanks

Inlet / Outlet
Inlet: 2.5? O.D. / 2.375? I.D.
Outlet: 2.5? O.D. / 2.375? I.D.

Fin Specs
External: 6.35 fins per inch
Internal: 7.5 fins per inch
Tank Wall thickness

Engine Code

Chassis Code

Purchase Includes
Mishimoto Intercooler
CNC Mounting Pegs
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

This intercooler can be used with stock or aftermarket intercooler pipes. The CNC mounting pegs must be installed by the customer.

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