Six Performance 20-pc Lightweight Aluminium ALU 7075 Lug Nuts V2 50 mm - purple

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SIX Lightweight ALU 7075 Lug Nuts 50mm 12x1.50 Purple V2 20x

New and improved SIX-Performance Racing Lug Nuts V2 and V3.

Material - Aluminum 7075
Finish - Soft Anodized
Durability - Dipped to prevent Oxidation
Hardness Treatment - T-6 Heat-Treatment
Design - 1pc Cold Forged
Fitment: Conical 23mm
Quantity: 1 set of 20 Lug Nuts for 5-lug pattern cars (5x100/108/112/114.3/120) and can also be used on a 4-lug pattern car (4x98, 4x100, 4x114.3 etc). You just have 4 spare/extra lug nuts then.

What is Cold-Forged Aluminum?
• HRB 87~90 (Hv 180~200) is achieved from the special process of T-6 heat treating. Made for real world abuse
• Super Lightweight perfect for reducing un-sprung weight for racing applications
• High Torque- Tested to a Maximum of 270 Ft/lbs- greatly surpassing industry standards

Why 7075 ALU? Well, this is very important; Most lug nuts on market nowadays are made of 6061 aluminium which is weaker and discolors relatively fast. We have all seen the horror stories where lug nuts are broken or the thread has become damaged, this often happend with fake D1, Blox, Passwordjdm and Skunk2 lug nuts.
Since it is very hard to see which lug nuts are the real deal and which ones are fake we decided to make our own ones so we can guarantee the quality; SIX Performance. We have tested about 6 different factories and have had a steep learning curve. Now since June 2014 we selected a new factory to produce our new and improved V2 and V3 Lock lug nuts (Black with red box!) and these are top of the line.

Not sure which lug nuts you need for your car? Email us. In general:
M12x1.50: Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus, Mitsubishi
M12x1.25: Nissan, Subaru, Infiniti

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