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Our tanks come complete with hose and all necessary.
Oil Catch Capacity: 750 ml
Catch Oil, Preserve engine life! Ideal for turbo and Non-turbo cars as well.
made of T6061 Lightweight Aluminum, and CNC Coating!

Necessary Hardwares are included!
Has magnetic drain and visible oil level on the side collects all foreign bodies from you engine oil and looks pretty good at the same time.

How does oil get into the engine?
There is a vacuum hose connected between the intake manifold and engine value cover and/or crankcase where the PCV valve located.
At idle, the intake manifold vacuum is near maximum. Because there are oil everywhere under the engine value cover and/or crankcase, excess oil will suck into the intake manifold during high vacuum.

During the engine intake stage, the oil in the intake manifold will dragged into the combustion chamber.
the oil will become compressed then ignited. The burned oil will become deposit all-over the combustion chamber included: piston, valve stem, valve seat.
this will be beginning of engine being destroy.
the Function of Oil Catch Tank is to trap the oil going to the Valve Cover and/or Crankcase.

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